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Ebun Feludu is the Chief Creative Director at Plug Media- a content and media production firm in Lagos, Nigeria.

Ms Feludu has worked in the media space for close to 20years. She started her career as a research assistant for the BBC with Barollo Productions. She then went on to work at Farafina Online Magazine where she converted the company from an online magazine into a book publishing company. She discovered Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and recommended her work to Farafina. Chimamanda became the first signed author and till date, the biggest author, under Farafina Books.

Ebun proceeded to work with True Love West Africa (Media24) first as a consultant and then pioneer writer for the widely acclaimed international women’s magazine.  Under her maiden name- EbunOlatoye, she brought many critical and unspoken truths that relate to women to public domain. She established Plug Media in 2007 where she continued her work with women. In 2008, Ebun Feludu (nee Olatoye) joined the Lagos- London Sahara expedition across 13 countries in Africa,Europe as Deputy Captan to raise awareness on Desertification- an environment disaster that plagues Nigeria and many countries across Africa.

She sits on the editorial board of TW Magazine and serves as a Creative Consultant on widely acclaimed television show ‘Seriously Speaking’ hosted by Adesuwa Onyenokwe. After two decades of telling stories, Ebun Feludu comes to every project with the ears, eyes and heart of a seasoned story teller. Accepting only elements that are believable, and including details that add true value to a story.
She teaches women how to harness the truth in their lives and connect the dots to create an authentic and timeless brand. She received the prestigious ICONIC WOMAN AWARD on the global platform of the Women’s Economic Forum- WEF in May 2017 at the annual global forum in New Delhi, India.
Over the past seven years she has directed and produced several short films and documentaries such as:
-Vision for the Blind- an audio book project concept developed by Ms Feludu and funded by TW Magazine.
-WIMBIZ Chronicles- a short film that captured the WIMBIZ 10year Journey
-Timeless Traits- The life and times of Professor Irukwu
-Rainoil 20th Anniversary Corporate Documentary
-Knowledge Series with Gabriel Ogbechie
-Video logs with WOW Connect, Adesuwa Onyenokwe, Ronya Man, Gabriel Ogbechie to name a few.
Louise Louw is a graphics designer with over 17 years experience in the media industry. She has worked on design at home in South Africa and internationally. Louise studied design at the University of Technology in Cape Town and started her career at Media24 where she worked on top-selling South African magazine publications for many years.
“I started freelancing in 2012 and this gave me the opportunity to work for a variety of clientele all over the world. I am constantly learning new skills and pushing myself to stay current with world trends to ensure that I always stay on top of my game and deliver cutting-edge and innovative design solutions.
At Plug Media Louise handles logo design, brand manual development and brochure design for our clients across the region
Research and Production Assistant

Wuraola Fakorede is one of our most dynamic Interns. Wura is an undergraduate from Babcock University studying Mass Communications. She supports the creative team with research and invaluable production assistance. We love her people skills, her passion for travel and discovery.