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Plug Media is a boutique media content agency based in Lagos Nigeria. The firm was established in 2006, and since then, Plug Media has built a thriving ecosystem for creating engaging content such as copy, web content, photography, graphics, animation and film for online and offline use.


Our work includes content development and design for the web,social media, traditional media, public relations and print. With a team of seasoned researchers, writers, photographers, graphic artists and creative minds we deliver superior content for our clients across the country.


Story telling is at our centre at Plug Media, and the first visual element of any corporate character is the brand. With our debrief system, we guide our clients to channel their corporate ethos into a brand manual that communicates their corporate mind effectively to their audience.


With over 15years in journalism, our approach to social media, investor relations and public relations is rooted in research and bulls eye content. From stirring copy to unforgettable still and moving images, our goal is to establish our clients as subject matter experts on their social media platforms. Our trusted approach leads to the organic growth of a core community that is relevant to our clients’ business.


At Plug Media, we provide dedicated account managers who are social media alert and prompt to respond to our clients’ community. In addition we offer matrix reports on activities, engagement and recommendations for promotions.


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